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Ideal Educational Support Tool

Created with the philosophy....
CHILDREN EMBRACE LEARNING WHEN THEY'RE HAVING FUN! Students using Word Star as an educational support tool. IMPROVEMENT is the goal of Word Star®. As children strive to achieve higher scores they will simultaneously... IMPROVE language, math and reasoning skills. "Make the Best Words" and "Make the Most Words" together cover a wide range of language skills and critical thinking. Playing Word Star® is fast paced, challenging and engaging.

Word Star® Highlights
· Supports core curriculum and state standards
· Easy to learn and play for all ages and reading abilities
· Expands vocabulary, builds spelling proficieny and reinforces phonetic skills
· Develops critical thinking and problem solving stategies
· Game play is very adaptable to meet varying educational needs
· Printouts of game results provide excellent tracking of a child's progress. Review of printouts will provide teachers with significant insight into a child's strengths and weaknesses
· Great for use during independent and guided reading
· Designed for independent play
· Adaptable to competitive and cooperative uses
· Make a sentence for each correct word expands the word learning process to include proper sentence structure, grammar and understanding the meaning and usage of words
· Builds a child's self esteem. Each correct word is acknowledged by the captions "good job" "great job!" or "fantastic!"

For information call 215-696-5551 or email wordstar@comcast.net
Compliment the computer play by purchasing Word Star® playing cards for use in the classroom and home. Children love playing and teachers agree it's a very effective learning tool.
Click here to learn more or purchase the Word Star® card game.